What makes our leash and collar so special?

Explore our latest collection of sustainable and eco-friendly accessories - the perfect choice for trendy and responsible dog owners who care about both their four-legged friends and our planet.

  • We are proud to offer products made from 100% recycled plastic, minimizing plastic waste and promoting a cleaner planet. By choosing accessories made of recycled plastic (RPET), you can actively contribute to reducing plastic consumption. An example of this is our EcoComfort Dog Collar and Eco-Multi multifunctional leash, both of which are made from recycled plastic.
  • Using recycled plastic instead of traditional plastic (PET) has a significant positive environmental effect. The production of traditional plastics requires resources such as oil and natural gas, while recycled plastics are created by reusing existing plastic waste. By reducing the need for new plastic products, we also reduce energy consumption and emissions. 
  • Make a conscious choice and choose RPET material for your dog's accessories. Our EcoComfort Dog Collar is a stylish and durable product that is comfortable for your pet to wear. It comes in four different sizes, including an XS size that also fits cats. The necklace is lightweight, durable and easy to clean to keep it fresh.
  • For an even more practical and flexible solution, we offer the Eco-Multi multifunctional leash. Made from 100% recycled plastic, this leash promotes a sustainable lifestyle. With several functions such as waist belt, shoulder strap and hands-free function, walks and adventures become more comfortable for both you and your dog. The leash is light, comfortable and easy to clean.


Choose carefully and contribute to a cleaner planet with our sustainable dog accessories. Together we can make a positive difference for both our four-legged friends and our environment.