REASONS for Keeping Your Dog on a Leash

Fenced backyards and leash-free dog parks provide space for dogs to run wild and let out their inner racehorses; but when it comes to walking your dog on the street and other public places, one of the most important practices to uphold is keeping your pet on a leash. Not only does leashing provide a sense of control, but it also plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of your beloved companion, yourself, and those around you.

Reasons to Keep Your Dog Leashed


Keeping your dog on a leash prevents accidents and potential injuries. Dogs can unexpectedly run into a busy street or be unnoticed by a driver backing up in a parking lot. Leashing your dog ensures their safety in these situations.

Peaceful Greetings

Leashed dogs tend to behave better when meeting other leashed dogs. They feel secure knowing you're nearby. If any aggression arises, you can quickly remove your dog from the situation.

Loss Prevention

Dogs on a leash are less likely to get lost. You can prevent them from chasing after cats or getting too far away from you. With a leash, you always know their whereabouts.

Preventing Them from Eating Something They Shouldn’t

Dogs are curious and might eat things they shouldn't, like garbage or unknown items offered by strangers. Leashing your dog helps prevent them from ingesting harmful substances.

Prevents the Spread of Disease

Dogs may come into contact with stray dogs and cats without your attention, and these small animals may carry diseases. Some dogs have a habit of eating feces left behind by other animals. By leashing your dog, you can reduce the likelihood of them encountering disease-carrying waste.

Marks Them as a Pet

Well-trained dogs are a pleasure to walk on the leash, and it identifies them as your pet. Well-behaved dogs with identification are easier to reunite if you somehow get separated.


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KEEP IN MIND Leashing Protects Your Dog, Other Dogs, and Other People